Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adsense Payment Using Western Union Quick Cash

Adsense Payment

Well, I can't really remember when exactly I open my Adsense account but it certainly was long before I even started this blog. I was running some sort of online text base game back then when I put up some Adsense Ads on my game site but somehow it didn't really perform well in generating money.

Even after I started this blog, everything seems to be ultra slow in making money using Adsense. It was like more than a NonSense for me since my little blog here only have a tiny little amount of visitors. is approaching it's 2 years mark and only I get to receive my first ever payment from Google Adsense! Yeah, it took me so many years just to get that USD100.00 mark, so pathetic!

How to receive Adsense money with Western Union

Google will issue the payment one month after your balance reach USD100.00. Thats mean if end of this month, if you Adsense account reach over USD100.00, the payment will be issue out end of next month. That is, if they didn't find any fishy activities with your account and earnings.

Just print out or copy down the payment information and goes to your nearest Western Union agent to get the cash out. Most bank nowdays can process your Western Union payment such as CIMB, RHB, BSN or Public Bank.

All you need to do is simply fill up a form and get it to the counter and PuFFFF...!
You will receive the cold hard cash in no time.
Its that simple!

Oh well, I have received mine Adsense payment for the first time and I guess it going to be another many more month to go before I get to receive another payment from Google. I'm sux in making money from Adsense. I guess I got to pay more effort to improve my earnings, making money from the internet is fun though.